Yolanda Perry

Yolanda Perry, the driving force behind Save The Girlz, wears many hats. As the CEO of this impactful organization, she is not just a leader but an author, motivational speaker, grief recovery specialist and a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellness.

At the age of 42, Yolanda faced a life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. This transformative experience ignited a fire within her to inspire and empower women to take charge of their own health and “save their girlz.” She penned the enlightening book “Save The Girlz: Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise” and the accompanying workbook, along with “Making Impact: 8 Breast Cancer Conquerors and Their Family Members’ Powerful Stories.” These publications stand as a testament to her commitment to supporting those impacted by breast cancer.

Yolanda’s dedication extends beyond the written word. She hosts monthly Zoom parties from January to September, where she engages women in candid discussions about health and wellness, enriching their lives with valuable insights and knowledge. Additionally, she has created the Save The Girlz app, a valuable resource designed to empower women to take control of their health.

Yolanda’s unwavering determination to encourage and celebrate women affected by breast cancer culminates in the annual Save The Girlz Day, an event dedicated to providing pampering services to breast cancer patients, conquerors, and caregivers during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But Yolanda’s expertise goes even further. She is also a Grief Recovery Specialist, offering support to grievers  as they navigate the complex terrain of loss and healing.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Yolanda is a proud mother of four children and a loving grandmother of eight grandchildren. She embraces adventure and, on her 34th birthday, checked off a dream from her bucket list by tandem skydiving – a thrilling symbol of her fearless approach to life.

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